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 look at Sustainable Energy generally.

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مُساهمةموضوع: look at Sustainable Energy generally.   الأحد 06 يونيو 2010, 12:19 am

very first step into the world of blogging was on June 7th 2006 with a
rant about woodpellet rip-offs in Ireland. The blog was slow to grow at
first or get any sort of respectable hit rate.


This Blog has reached 250,000 Hits

blog has just topped the quarter million hits, or 250,000 page
accesses. For me, it is a bit of a landmark worth noting, and for a
regional specialty blog, it is a little bit of a triumph, hence the
celebratory firework photo.

My Payoff

have had a great deal of satisfaction from this blog. My standard of
English has improved somewhat over the time, with of course the help of
a few of my readers and their sometimes-uncomplimentary remarks. My
interest in sustainable energy has grown along with my general zest for
that which is current generally. The blog has additionally been a
cheapskate form of therapy for me. Having a place to let out the
occasional rant has no doubt saved on the Valium.

Your Country Your Call
Responds to my Concerns

recently had some contact from the "Your Country Your Call" publicity
agents / organisers. However, given the fundamental nature of my major
stated concerns, I think both their letters and the subsequent
corrective actions taken have been totally inadequate.

E-mail Letter from "Your Country Your Call":

Thanks for your feed back Tony on our website.

are aware that some aspects of the website can be improved and we plan
to make changes where we can. In the context of all the work which has
been undertaken to make Your Country Your Call happen, these are
niggles and they don't detract from what Your Country Your Call is
trying to achieve.

That said, we are working to continuously
improve any aspect of Your Country Your Call that may need it and your
comments are therefore appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
Your Country Your Call

Dear Tony,

very much for all of your comments both on the blog and here. We hope
that we have covered quite a lot of ground even though we may not have
specifically answered all of your questions.

Your observations
have been noted and where we can make improvements we will do our best
to implement them during the course of the competition.

With many thanks,

Your Country, Your Call Team

My Final Post to YCYC

generating impulse of YCYC (Your Country Your Call) is such a fine and
noble effort in these times. The prime sponsors of the initiative, our
President and her husband, could not have a higher esteem by my

However, from that fine genesis, the idea becomes
confused and clouded. The web site is looking like a joke with a large
percentage of “submissions” which are either spoofs, or have a very
poor standard of content and/or presentation. Then there is this blog
which does not operate very well and is not moderated properly.

most of all the idea of having a competition with a large monetary
reward for nation saving ideas is like offering to pay Connolly or
Pearse for their services. There should be no monetary reward offered
for the honour of serving ones country in its time of need.

the idea of employing an international drinks vendor as a major sponsor
is, at least, most distasteful and unbecoming of an initiative born of
such high and noble beginnings.

Tony McGinley


regarding "Your Country Your Call", I have reached the point with this
"Competition" where I have decided to disconnect from it.

reasons are (a) the ill considered strategies and methodology adopted
by the designers both in the general approach, and in the website
design, and (b) the most inappropriate inclusion of a drinks vendor as
a sponsor.

Both these approaches have, IMHO, placed the effort
in an unfortunate and undesirable position, and one which is not at all
in keeping with the high ideals of the motivating impulse.

image I seem to be getting is of a TV game show, and "Survivor"
immediately comes to mind, where the only thing that matters is
winning, and anything goes when it comes to achieving it.

I hope
there may be a decision taken by the organisers to re-structure the
concept, and that it doesn't end up as a competitive rat-race of ideas
scrambling for the prize money.

Posted by
Tony McGinley

The Woodpellet Saga Continues
against a Deafening Silence from
Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)

Maybe some of my readers can give some advice or help to this man?

Re: Opop Biocomfort 24kw


I must commend you on you're excellent site. It was very informative
and useful to me when I was choosing a wood pellet boiler.

I had the above installed by a company in Galway who now appear to have gone out of business and are uncontactable.

afraid I have had quite a few problems with the system. Initially the
installer blamed the silo (which I had made from plywood by a local
carpenter) and the quality of the pellets. Eventually after some
adjustments to the augur feed and changing pellet supplier (am now
using pellets from a company called Firestix who import them from
Germany) the system started to run OK.

problem now is that the augur has stopped working. Instead of turning
continuously in one direction it makes a half turn in one direction and
then a half turn back with the result that it is not feeding pellets.
As I cannot contact the company who installed the system I am looking
for somebody who may be able to fix this for me.

only company I can see that provide these are based in Co. Kerry but it
would not be feasible for me to contact them as I am based in Co.

I would appreciate any help / advice you can provide.

Thank you,

Contact details: supplebrianممنوع وضع ايميلات فى المساهمات ( انظر قوانين المنتدى )


Your Country Your Call
Lifts the Nation's Spirits

is lifting the national spirits but, I guess, not exactly in the way
intended. I have had feelings of reservation about several aspects of
the Presidential initiative, not least about the way the website is
designed and the idea of an open "competition" for nation changing
ideas, not to mention the sponsorship by a drink vendor.

there are some 1800 proposals swamping the site. A trend seems to have
now started among contributors to see who can come up with the funniest

For instance:

(Craic-er-Jack) Proposes; a Gay City and a pink Euro note.

(Seanachie) Proposes; Iodine tablet for tsunamis.

(Uniseann 1954) Has a proposal on "Dog Poo".

(Draks) Proposes we build the biggest ever Zeppelin.

For a good laugh see: http://proposals.yourcountryyourcall.com/ct/ct_list.bix?c=D284E307-BEF9-4396-AF6E-14009EAB8647


More Questions for
Your Country Your Call

have been harping on at "Your Country Your Call" about the ethics and
moral position of using an international liquid drug vendor, aka
alcohol, the said Diageo as a sponsor.

There are several other
large questions need to be addressed before the YCYC affair could be
declared completely "kosher" and be worthy of Presidential association.

Some of these questions are well outlined in "Tuppenceworth.ie"

Have a look!


“Your Country Your Call”

is a multi-national alcoholic drink company with head offices in London
so intimately tied up with an Irish Presidential initiative whose aim
is to better Ireland’s psychological and monetary situation?

an international gambling or casino company be considered an equally
good partner for “Your Country Your Call”? Would a gun manufacturer be
a good partner in such a relationship? Most probably not, I guess,
would be the majority reply.

So why should an alcohol seller be
considered a good moral and ethical partner in an initiative that aims
to do the opposite for Ireland than drink has historically done?

Undisputable evidence shows that alcohol;

(a) has ravaged family life in Ireland,
(b) has drastically reduced the efficiency of the Irish work-force,
(c) is costing the health service, social services, gardai, and local services countless extra millions every single year,
(d) is a large factor in giving the Irish a yob image internationally,
(e) is an addictive and health damaging drug,
(f) and is currently decimating our youth through binge drinking.

What Cost Diageo's Helping Hand?

money given by Diageo to help Ireland out, is only a drop in the ocean
compared to the true cost to the country that the alcoholic drinks sold
by that company cost in terms of illness, alcoholism, family violence,
hospital A&E units packed with drunks, missed work days, road
deaths, and binge drinking among youth, to mention just a few.

Ireland needs to wake up to the reality of the effects and cost that alcohol imposes on its society.
is a liquid addictive drug that causes disease, road deaths, massive
family suffering, permanently destroys brain cells, increases the risk
of cancer, etc. etc. etc.

I have written to the “Your Country
Your Call” organisers and asked that they sever the association with
alcohol as a matter of morals and ethics.

More Fun with WoodPellet Boilers
and Loving SEI
Part 12,342 or (a lot)

Damian has left a new comment on your post "Woodpellet Woes Comment":

Hi folks,

have a Viadrus Hercules Eco 48kw boiler heating my house for 2.5 yrs
now. While I had problems initially, I think it's working quite well.
Basically I'm posting this in case anyone is still having problems with
their boilers and maybe we can come up with some solutions.

was basically camped in my shed for the first 6 months trying to figure
things out cos I didn't have much back-up as I bought mine in from the
UK. From reading this blog it doesn't seem that SEI gave anyone any
help anyway and most of their registered installers/dealers were just
jumpin on a band-wagon.

Damian - You seem to be offering help or advice, but you have not given
us any means of contacting you, and your profile is blocked. If in fact
you are willing to be contacted, please let me have a contact e-mail
address that I can publish here. (ed)

A Call to"Your Country Your Call"Organiser
Country Your Call” initiative I fully support in principle, but as I
have said here already, I do have a number of worries regarding the
planning and strategies being employed.

Another of these worrying aspects has only just come to my attention.

I outline the problem let me preface it by saying that; IMHO two prime
factors have caused Ireland most of its major problems historically.

1. Its politics, and
2. Drink.

(a) has ravaged family life in Ireland,
(b) has drastically reduced the efficiency of the Irish work-force,
(c) is costing the health service countless extra millions every single year,
(d) is a major factor in giving the Irish a yob image internationally,
(e) and is currently decimating our youth through binge drinking.

It is therefore unfortunate that a drink company should have the honour of funding the prize fund.

want to categorically state here that if I should, by some outrageous
set of circumstances, win one of the prizes on offer, I would refuse to
accept it on the basis that it is offered by a drink company.

I suggest that this serious procedural factor is carefully reconsidered
by the organizers. "Your Country Your Call" is a worthy effort
initiated by our first citizen and Dr Martin McAleese representing the
highest integrity of our nation. The stated aim of the initiative is to
raise Ireland's hopes and better our fiscal circumstances. Drink
sponsorship is therefore most inappropriate and totally conflicts, on
several levels, with the stated goal, and with the high ethics and
moral standing of the organizers.

Finally, I want to again
emphasise that I am not being negative towards this worthy project, I
simply wish it to function at the highest efficiency and at the highest
ethical level.

My Best Wishes and Regards,

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look at Sustainable Energy generally.
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